I initiated and lead ...

  • The PQL Tool
    Process Query Language (PQL) is a special-purpose programming language for managing process models based on information about process instances that these models describe. PQL is based upon temporal logic and adopts the concrete syntax of SQL. The PQL Tool implements the PQL environment for querying process model repositories.
  • jBPT - Business Process Technologies 4 Java
    The jBPT code library is a compendium of process technologies, i.e., a concise but comprehensive collection of techniques for process model analysis that support research on the design, execution, and evaluation of processes. The idea originated from observations on the evolution of process-related research disciplines. The library offers a broad range of basis analysis and utility functionality and, due to its open publishing model, can easily be extended.
  • BPStruct - A tool for structuring concurrent systems
    BPStruct is a tool for transforming unstructured processes/programs/service compositions (models of concurrency) into well-structured ones. The transformations preserve concurrency in resulting well-structured models.
  • IR-Themis - An information retrieval framework
    Themis is an information retrieval framework for comparison of natural language documents. It includes implementation of common algorithms used in the information retrieval domain. Themis provides support for evaluation of information retrieval models.

I take/took part in ...


I am or was involved in the following research projects:

  • (Jan 2014 - December 2014) ARC Discovery Grant, DP120101624, "Cost-aware Business Process Management" (Australia). The project proposes a novel holistic approach to managing the cost of business operations in a timely and context-aware manner. It will investigate, evaluate and enhance current approaches for the analysis, evaluation, treatment, and overall management of cost as it relates to business processes. Informed by relevant mathematical foundations, conceptual-analytical research, and empirical evidence from a range of case studies, the project will extend established process management approaches by explicitly including the concept of "cost" as an integral part of process definition and enactment.
  • (April 2012 - December 2013) ARC Linkage Grant with Suncorp, LP110100252, "Facilitating Business Process Standardisation and Reuse" (Australia). This project aims to design and develop an innovative process model repository and appropriate governance structures to efficiently and effectively support the standardization and reuse of best practices. The project is co-funded by the Australian Research Council, the Queensland University of Technology, and by Suncorp (one of Australia's top 25 listed companies and Queensland's largest listed corporation).
  • (January 2009 - December 2009) "Structural Aspects of Process Models and Algorithms for Process Parsing" project (with IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland). This project developed the simplified and generalized algorithm for constructing the Refined Process Structure Tree - a technique for modularization of process models with many existing practical applications.
  • (February 2008 - July 2008) The "Business Process Model Abstraction" project (with AOK Brandenburg, Teltow, Germany). This project developed abstraction (i.e., simplification) mechanisms for process models. These mechanisms were applied to the company's repository which contained over 4000 process models. The results helped to improve techniques for computation of time required to execute process models, which led to significant cost savings.